All pupils are encouraged to help organise and support a range of activities to contribute to local and national charities. In doing so we feel it is important to raise their awareness that there are people in the world less fortunate, and that people’s practical needs can be met.

Pupils are regularly involved in various events and themed days to raise funds for worthy local and national causes. This year we are supporting a number of charities and good causes including WE Day, Zambia Project and the Whitechapel Mission.

WE Day

WE Day is a charity project with the aim of raising global awareness and encouraging children to make an impact in our local and global communities. Children are challenge to think about the everyday issues that the charity supports such as poverty, pollution, animal cruelty, littering and many more. In March some pupils got the opportunity to attend the WE Day celebrations held at Wembley Arena.

Zambia Project

Oaklands School has adopted the Wynaud Trust and their work in Zambia as a long term project. Initially the school will be fundraising to enable more baby bags to be assembled for a village clinic – the charity ideally needs 200 bags each year. The first fundraising event will take place shortly.


For Harvest this year Mr Tony Miller lead a thought provoking assembly and the children and staff were given a time to say ‘thank you’ for all they have. Pupils from all year groups brought in generous donations of food from home which was then transported to the homeless at the Whitechapel Mission. Thank you for all the support.

Some chosen charities over recent years have been:

  • WE Day
  • Zambia Project
  • Great Ormond Street
  • Comic Relief
  • Guide Dogs for the Blind
  • Children in Need
  • Whitechapel Mission
  • Royal British Legion
  • And many more…