Music and Drama at Key Stage 1


At Oaklands we take particular pride in providing a high quality of specialist music tuition. Pupils also have the opportunity to take individual instrumental lessons with a specialist teacher. Some of these include piano, violin, guitar, drums and clarinet.

In Years 1 and 2 pupils sing songs, rounds and ostinatos; have a basic knowledge of rhythmic notation; play tuned and untuned instruments; perform expressively; listen with concentration and experiment with selections of combined sounds using the elements of music. Opportunities to perform to audiences include the Christmas Carol Service, various prom concerts and annual Prize Days.

Development is measured by the achievement and progress of key skills, as well as a growing ability to analyse, discern and debate aspects of music. This is communicated to the pupils by way of feedback during lessons, a yearly report and, in some cases, formal assessment in the shape of external examinations. In line with the new curriculum guidelines, there is also a summative assessment at the end of each Key Stage.


Drama is used throughout the curriculum to develop skills of speaking and listening, self-confidence, co-operation and community. Each year group has the opportunity to watch performances and workshops take place within school.  All pupils are involved in dramatic productions to parents and Speech and Drama clubs are available for pupils in Years 1 to 6. Here they have the opportunity to develop confidence, explore improvisation and enter the LAMDA Speech and Drama Examinations.

In Year 1 pupils are arranged into solo and group speaking parts, whilst in Year 2 all pupils perform solo roles.  They sing songs from memory with choreographed moves and follow directions on stage.  Also in Year 2 pupils are involved in writing their own scripts.

By the end of Key Stage 1 all pupils will have performed several times, and will be able to speak clearly and confidently in front of an audience.