Key Stage 2 FAQs

As the children move from year group to year group their experiences change as we pack more into the school day. Please do not hesitate to contact us directly if you need any further information about any aspect of the education we provide. We are always on hand to support parents as their child progresses through each stage of his/her education with us.


How do you help parents with the 11+ application process?

Parents are invited to two 11+ information meetings in Year 5; one in September that explains how the curriculum and timetabling is adapted and then a more in-depth meeting in May when our Headmistress explains how the 11+ application process works and what the secondary schools are looking for. This is followed by a confidential meeting with each child’s parents to discuss their aspirations for their child in Year 6.

Throughout the whole process, we are always available to help in parents have any concerns or questions.

How does the school prepare the pupils for 11+ exams?

The whole curriculum is geared towards achieving success at the end of Year 6. Through the development of knowledge and the acquisition of skills in Maths and English, together with all the Foundation subjects, pupils learn to research, question, debate, solve, create, evaluate and express themselves.

Problem Solving is introduced in Year 1 so that by the time pupils reach Year 5, they are secure in the different strategies they need to apply to reasoning and mathematical questions.

In Year 5, the timetable is adapted so that more time is available to 11+ preparation, Maths and English. Interview Lessons are introduced to equip the pupils with the necessary skills to tackle the different types of interviews that they will experience as part of the 11+ process.

Teachers spend time studying past papers with the pupils and 11+ mock exams are held so that pupils experience the ‘exam situation’ before the actual exam dates.

Which senior schools do children go to?

Our teachers work closely with parents throughout the school to ensure that an appropriate senior school is chosen for each child. Excellent results have been achieved with children also gaining a range of academic, sporting and musical awards and scholarships.

We maintain good relationships and regular contacts with senior schools which lead to a smooth transition to the next academic stage. There are numerous options to consider and many of the children are spoilt for choice!

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Do you offer before and after school care?

We have a Breakfast Club from 7.30am until 8.40am each morning and an After-School Club that runs until 6pm. These are run by Oaklands staff for children from 3 to 11 years.

For Breakfast Club drinks, breakfast cereals and toast are provided each morning. Children are given a range of activities after breakfast that engage them until the school day begins at 8.35am.

Our Teatime Club is staffed by the same team, and provides sandwiches and fruit every afternoon. Homework can be completed in the quiet area and there is a variety of activities on offer.

It is advisable to book into these clubs via the School Office, either on an occasional, regular or daily basis.

How do I know what progress my child is making?

We regularly assess children within the class through a variety of formal and informal tests. We also level them against the national average ability expected for their age range by using PIPS (Performance Indicators In Primary Schools).

What happens if my child needs extra support?

We are fortunate to have a well-resourced Learning Support team, coordinated by our SENDCo. We have a large number of Teaching Assistants who work in a variety of classes. All work is routinely differentiated to meet the range of abilities of our children so that they are all able to access the curriculum.

Our specialist staff give one-to-one targeted support to pupils to help them make progress. We also have specialist dyslexia teachers who provide lessons for some of our pupils and undertake assessments if necessary.

What are lunches like?

The children receive a snack at morning breaktime with a drink of milk or water.

We have a wide range of food on offer at lunchtime freshly prepared by our Chef and his team. There is a daily choice of a hot main meal with a hot vegetarian alternative, together with a cold buffet that includes filled baguettes and a wide variety of salads. A daily pudding choice is available or plenty of fresh fruit and yoghurts.

There are many members of staff on duty to help children with their choice of food and to ensure that they eat a balanced meal. We always encourage children to try new food. Our team is used to catering for all dietary needs.

What links are there between school and parents?

Parents have the opportunity each day to talk to the class teacher either in the morning or in the afternoon. We are very happy for parents to contact us to make a longer appointment if they need a more detailed conversation with the form teacher or a member of the senior team. The Headmistress is readily available to see parents about a variety of matters.

We have at least one formal communication with home each term, which takes the form of a short report, full report or parents’ meeting. There are regular newsletters and the website is always updated with information and news. We have a text messaging service and we email letters and news home.  We also tweet our news!

There are termly drop-in mornings for Early Years, Infant and Junior parents to visit the classrooms and annual coffee mornings for all parents to chat with the Group Managing Principal and Headmistress about school.