Keyworker Children in School

The keyworker children in school have been working very hard during their lessons. Well done to everyone! A big thank you also to all the support staff for their help and supervision in school.

Reception Learn About Dinosaurs

Reception’s topic this term is dinosaurs. Last week, reception Woodpeckers and Robins enjoyed making homes for their dinosaur toys, making their own dinosaur creations using pasta, learning about carnivores by labeling a dinosaur, finding the missing numbers on the dinosaur tracks, drawing a nest full of eggs, making some ice…

Reception Robins Home Learning

Well done to Reception Robins for their fantastic home learning work! They have been practicing their handwriting, making 3D shape towers, going on outdoor scavenger hunts, yoga and learning about animals that lay eggs and then making their own egg nest. Keep up the good work Robins.

Year 3 Chocolate Making

This term, Year 3 very much enjoyed designing chocolates and the packaging to put them in. The journey began with the children taking inspiration from real-life design and turning 2D nets into 3D boxes, which were then decorated. The children had to think carefully about the colour combinations that would…

Oaklands Virtual Christmas Carol Concert

We were blown away by the Christmas Carol Concert this year. Just because we couldn’t get together, that didn’t prevent the Oaklands family pulling out the stops to create a virtual Christmas masterpiece. We hope you all enjoy it, and have a wonderful Christmas.

LK Musical Assembly

Lower Kindergarten pupils worked very hard to put together their wonderful Musical Assembly Performance. Everyone had a great time singing, dancing and playing their instrument to the beat. Look out for the link to watch this lovely assembly…

Newsletter December 2020

Read our December Newsletter, filled with photos and information on Upper Kindergarten and Reception activities, virtual Christmas assemblies, KS2 cross country event, and much more…

Reception Woodpeckers Home Learning

We are very proud of Reception Woodpeckers for completing a fantastic amount of work during their period of home learning. The learnt about the Nativity and completed some reading comprehension, practiced their time telling and handwriting, went on a RWInc. sound hunt, completed some Christmas preparations including making cards, had…