Lego Town Planners Workshop 2019

On the Monday 21 January both Year 1 classes had a ‘Lego Town Planners’ workshop. They learnt about different types of houses and discussed the different buildings we would find in a town. The classes had step by step instructions to create a strong building including foundations, walls, windows, doors and…

Testing Textures in Year 2 Art!

Year 2S were exploring different textures when printing in their Art lesson. They were inspired by the artist Francis Sam Lembark to produce their pictures. It was a messy process, but the results were great!

Looking at Non-Chronological Reports in English

In English this week, Year 3 have been looking at Non-Chronological reports. The class looked at some Non-Chronological reports of different animals. They spotted the features of the reports, highlighted them and noted them down, while learning about the animals in the process.

Making Monsters in Reception

Some of the children in Reception have been ‘Busy Bees’ making monsters. It was a little tricky to fold the paper to create the arms and legs but they persevered and, with a little help, created these funny looking creatures.

Reception Woodpeckers Travel to Space

Reception Woodpeckers have been busy learning about space travel! They have been exploring their new ‘space station’ role play area by star gazing and flying to the moon. The children had an important job to do after receiving a letter from the character Bob in ‘The Man on the Moon’…

Watching the Pennies

In Year 1 this week the pupils have been learning about money. The children practised all they had learnt at the end of the week by playing shops, taking turns to play the role of the customer or the shopkeeper. They were able to challenge themselves by buying more than…

Value Badge Winners!

Congratulations to all of our KS1 and KS2 children who were awarded a Values Badge at the beginning of this term! All badges were very well deserved so our worthy winners should be proud of what they have managed to achieve. Keep up the good work!

Year 6 Geometry Skills!

Year 6 impressed their teachers today with their Geometry knowledge. They were set tasks and games relating to the subject, and then had to work closely with their partners to figure out the solution to the problems. Well done Year 6 for working extremely hard!