Pupil Prefects

Below are the pupils with positions of responsibility, including our Prefects and House Captains. These pupils are appointed by members of staff. They are trusted, loyal members of our school and assist the Headmistress and her staff with a variety of tasks and set an example to younger pupils and their peers. This extra responsibility nurtures their leadership skills and helps with their transition into adulthood.

Head Girl Anya
Head Boy Harry
Girl’s Games Captain Sienna
Girl’s Games Vice Captain Ciara
Boy’s Games Captain Harry
Boy’s Games Vice Captain Jake

Beech House (Green)

House Captain Lucie
Vice Captain Aliya
Librarian Reyan
Prefect Sienna

Holly House (Red)

House Captain Theo
Vice Captain Caitlin
Librarians Ciara and Candace
Prefect Harry

Sycamore House (Yellow)

House Captain Kamile
Vice Captain Claudia
Librarian Albert
Prefects Harry and Anya

Willow House (Blue)

House Captain Mariana
Vice Captain Alex
Librarian Mia
Prefect Jake


Class Prefects for 2016-2017

Lower Kindergarten Claudia, Anya and Mariana
Garden Room Mia, Sienna and Jake
Transition Owls Lucie
Transition Robins Kamile
Transition Woodpeckers Albert
Year 1J Theo
Year 1H Caitlin
Year 2S Harry
Year 2J Reyan
Year 3C Harry
Year 3G Ciara
Year 4 Alex
Office Aliya and Candice