Year 1 Lego Workshop

Year 1 had a fantastic start to the second half of the spring term with the ‘Young town planners lego workshop’. In topic this term pupils have been learning about the local environment surrounding Oaklands School and where we live. The workshop took place over the whole day with 1J in the morning and 1H in the afternoon.

Miss Sheila taught the children all about the different types of buildings we might find around our local area, including the names of different houses (semi-detached, detached, terraced and bungalows). The children were taught how to make their own buildings strong by using a strong foundation and making sure the bricks overlapped. They learned how to make eves for the roof and lintels for the windows.

Each child chose a different building to build so that in the end they could combine the buildings to create their very own town. 1J’s town was called ‘Happy Flower Town’ and 1H’s was called ‘Happy 1H town’!There were schools, nurseries, a MacDonald’s, a vets and even a church complete with graves and flowers.

What super architects, designers, builders and planners they all were. Everyone had a fantastic day building our towns and learned a lot along the way.