iPads in the Classroom

The OPA have kindly purchased 24 Apple iPad Air 2 36GB tablets, along with cases and an Apple Mac mini for the pupils to make use of in class. This has been a long-running project and all of the children will be able to make use of and benefit from the educational apps, tools and  research facilities that the iPads will provide. They will be a valuable learning tool that provide more opportunities for the children’s education and personal learning at every level.

Year 3 have been enjoying using the new iPads in their music lesson today for research and writing up their findings. All classes will take it in turns to use them for a range of subjects, from Maths through to Art.

Lessons can now become more immersive with the ability to experiment with touch, motion and sound, encouraging pupils to be more engaged in their studies. These additions to the school will truly transforming learning, so a big thank you to the OPA for making this possible!