Roman Day!

“On Wednesday 21 June Year 3 had Roman day at school. I went to school in my Roman costume which consisted of a white dress with a purple sash and two gold leaves in my hair. Everyone looked fantastic in their costumes. Our lessons were Roman themed. We learnt maths with Roman numerals and we made a clock. We also learnt some Latin and I really enjoyed writing some sentences. At snack time we ate like Romans. We sat in the field and we ate grapes, chocolate mice, olives, pears and oranges. This was really fun! We had to make a Roman artefact at home for our Roman museum. I made a gold bracelet, mosaic tiles and a Roman clay dish with food in. Years 1, 2 and 4 came to visit our museum. Mrs Belej also came and said, “Well done year 3!” It was a really fun and exciting day and I also learnt a lot about Roman life.”

Freya Year 3