Portals to the Past – Anglo-Saxon Workshop

Year 6 had a wonderful day on Monday 29 January. They had the opportunity to dress up as Anglo-Saxons and explored the everyday life of a Saxon. The whole day filled with facts, fun and lots of laughter.

The day began where the children explored how the Saxons changed the culture of post-Roman Britain, followed by a session on etiquette and the hierarchy of a feast in the Lord’s Hall. They then were taught how to play Fox and Geese, a Saxon board game. In the afternoon session the children listened to the legendary story of Beowulf followed by a display of weapons and armour. At the end they looked at why the Normans won the Battle of Hastings.

I have learnt amazing facts that I will remember forever. The board game we were taught to play was the best part of the day for me. I had a fun-filled time and the dressing-up gave me a picture of what the children wore in those days.” Livvy 

“I can most definitely say on behalf of the Year 6 children that this workshop was a very enjoyable day.”  Estel

“Fantastic! We learnt so many new facts during this workshop. I loved the stories we were told about Beowulf! I would absolutely recommend this workshop!” Hannah