Year 1 Lego Workshop

This week Year 1 took part in a Lego ‘Young Town Planners’ workshop. The workshop instructor, Ms Sheila, led a discussion with the children on the different types of buildings they would expect to find in a town, including different types of shops, houses, eateries and essential amenities such as schools and hospitals.

She then showed them how to make their buildings strong and steady by creating a strong foundation by overlapping the bricks. Each child constructed their own building complete with eves and a pitched roof and then they decided what their building would be within the town. There was a MacDonald’s, a KFC, a vet, a chocolate factory, a hospital and even a prison! They then linked their buildings together to create a town.

1J called their town ‘Rainbow Town’ and 1R had ‘Oakfields Town’. Everyone had a great day of busy building and the hands on workshop really helped to bring our current topic of ‘Homes and Houses in the Local Environment’ to life.