Brain Blaster Workshop!

On Monday 24 April, children from Reception to Year 6 attended the ‘The Brain Blaster’ workshop. In small teams the children had to complete puzzles and solve problems. All the children were fully engaged with the challenges and they had lots of fun. Some of the skills the children were challenged on linked to investigation, listening to each other and to learn to include people in their group. This programme gave the children a chance to be independent learners and the puzzles encouraged them to persevere, especially the Scales problem! Overall the workshop encouraged pupils to use their reasoning skills in a practical way.

“I really enjoyed it because I thought it would be impossible to catch the fish with my eyes shut, but with the help of my team I caught 2!” Sara 4Z

“I enjoyed it, the last puzzle with the food was really challenging. I really enjoyed working with the year 6.” Poppy 4C

“I really liked catching the fish because you had to trust your friends” Annabella 3L

Everyone definitely had a BLAST!