Year 5 Visit Lee Valley Park

On Monday 4 June, the Year 5 class visited Lee Valley Park. They joined a canal boat and cruised down the Lee Navigation. During the journey, they learnt about the history of canals and the transport of goods during Victorian times. Two children were lucky enough to dress up in period costume as a bargeman and his wife.

The children were quite horrified that the water from the canal was used for washing, drinking, cooking as well as the toilet! Later, they were excited to see the operation of a canal lock. On the return journey, they enjoyed designing their own canal art using bright colours, traditional roses and castles. After lunch, they walked along the River Lee making comparisons between the meandering river and the straight navigation that they had cruised along in the morning.

They spent time sketching the features and measuring water flow. They even managed to observed a heron catching fish at the side of the river. At the end of the day, all the children had experienced a wonderful time on the river.