Year 6 Taster Day at St Edmund’s College

On Thursday, 27 September, Year 6 were invited to St Edmund’s College for a taster day. On arrival, we were welcomed by Mrs Dunhill the Assistant Head. She gave us a “run-through” of the day’s activities and after her introduction, we were collected by two Prefects who ushered us to our first lesson.

In Games, we did a few carousel activities to test our fitness. These included: sprinting, long jump, shuttle runs and relay races.

After Games, we attended a Science lesson filled with discovery and experimentation. We were asked to complete a “Rainbow Fizz” experiment where we had to measure the chemicals, observe the chemical reactions, describe what we saw and record our findings accurately.

In Period 4, we were greeted by Mr Sargent the Maths Teachers. He challenged us to solve a variety of problems related to coding. Our mission was to decipher a secret message. This was very challenging but most of us managed to break the code. We were starving by the end of this lesson.

At lunch, we were given a selection of hot and cold food. The catering staff at St Edmund’s surprised Danny with a birthday cupcake as they had heard that it was his birthday. There were some for the rest of Year 6 too!

In the last period, we had the chance to meet Miss Simon the Year 7 Form teacher. She described a typical day at St Edmund’s and gave us an overview of all the clubs available. We were given the opportunity to ask questions before we had to go back to school.

This was a wonderful day and we want to shout out a big thank you to St Edmund’s for organising this spectacular day for us.