Displays Around the School

There are a number of new colourful displays of the children’s work around the school. The staff are extremely proud of the quality of the work being produced by the pupils in their class.

Year 6 Creative Writing

Year 6 have been focusing on their creative writing and how to improve and up-level their descriptions of a setting. They looked at Sherwood Forest, the home of the famous outlaw, Robin Hood. All the children did a fantastic job at describing the setting, using their senses, imagination and creative word banks. Please feel free to visit Year 6 to read their amazing descriptions.

Key Stage 2 Reading Display

Everybody loves to read and we have been thinking about famous authors this term. KS1 enjoyed a lovely assembly about Eric Carle who wrote The Hungry Caterpillar and 10 Little Ducks. In KS2 the children found out about the life of Michael Bond and the creation of Paddington Bear. The children in KS2 have written some fabulous reviews about books by their favourite authors for our reading display and to share their love of these authors with their friends.

Reception Robins

The children in Robins class made collages showing a scene from ‘The Man on the Moon.’ They used all sorts of different techniques to get this colourful display and everyone had a lot of fun along the way.

(A Day in the Life of Bob)

Lower Kindergarten

Since September, all the children that have joined Lower Kindergarten have made either a Ladybird, Butterfly or Bumblebee to represent the group they are in.  They have used hand prints, scrunched paper and templates to make these lovely, colourful displays.