A Very Active Few Days at Oaklands

During the 1st week back after the half term break, pupils from KS2 took part in the house cross country event. Years 3 and 4 ran for 10 minutes to try and complete as many laps of the school field for their house, and Years 5 and 6 ran for 15 minutes. As a joint effort the children clocked up a massive 662 laps which is a total distance of 94.5 miles. This is the same distance from Oaklands School either going North to Coventry or South to Dover!

The results were as follows:

1st – Beech 178 laps

2nd – Sycamore 172 laps

3rd – Willow 165 laps

4th – Holly 157 laps

Everyone managed to cover at least 1 mile which is very impressive and they should be very proud of their efforts.

On Tuesday 18 June, pupils from Year 3 took part in a ‘3 Tees Cricket world cup tournament’. They have been learning the basic skills over the last few weeks and put it to good effect during an exciting mornings’ cricket. England, India, Australia and New Zealand took on each other playing this exciting format of the game and the pupils had a great time batting and fielding!

On Wednesday 19 June, Year 2 pupils from Normanhurst and Oaklands took part in a friendly ‘3 Tees Cricket Festival’ on the school field. They have been learning to play this variation of the game over the last few weeks during PE and put their skills to the test during a ‘Cricket World Cup’ theme. We split the pupils into 5 teams consisting of; England, West Indies, Austraila, India and New Zealand. They all played each other with each contest only being decided by a run or two showing the pleasing talent that we have across the schools. Well done to all involved!

On Friday 20 June, year 5 pupils took part in an athletics warm up before taking part in rounders and basketball activities. The children paired up, with one counting their partners’ laps, whilst the other person ran a shuttle between both ends of the playground aiming to score as many as possible. This 3 minute activity tested their speed endurance with all working so hard to score as many as they could. Well done Year 5.

On Friday 21 June, pupils from Year 1 played a friendly game of ‘House 3 Tees Cricket’. On a beautiful sunny morning, the children were put into their house teams and played against each other aiming to score as many runs as possible by hitting the ball into spaces across the field. The fielders had to work hard to get the balls placed back on the tees shouting ‘STOP’, once the last ball was placed. It was great to see them all putting their skills to pleasing effect after weeks of practice. Well done to Beech house who ran out the overall winners. The results were as follows;

1st – Beech 127 runs

2nd – Willow 101 runs

3rd – Holly and Sycamore – 90 runs