Fun in Lower Kindergarten!

The Lower Kindergarten children have been making the most of the sunshine when it appears and have been taking remote controlled cars for a spin. The first challenge was to switch them on. They were then encouraged to move them forwards and backwards, making sure to avoid high speed collisions! A great opportunity to have fun with new friends and work towards a provisional licence.

The children have also enjoyed a ‘listening and looking’ walk around the school grounds. They had to be very quiet, in order to listen carefully to the different outdoor noises. They talked about how the leaves on the trees are changing colour, from green to yellow, red and brown and falling onto the floor. Everyone found lots of wonderful things to put in their baskets, such as different shaped leaves, conkers and acorns with little hats.

The week finished with Messy Friday! The children were changed into spare clothes and encouraged to explore mark making with paint, using sponges, brushes, hands and feet! It is a great opportunity to strengthen gross motor skills by using big movements without worrying about making a mess!