A Tricky Decision for Year 2

It was time to choose new School Council Reps in Year 2C! Pupils discussed the fairest way to make this tricky decision. They decided to have a vote. “Like when we vote for a Prime Minister” said Aaryan.

Six children were selected who had never been a rep before and wanted to have a go. As a whole, the class discussed qualities that would make a good council rep. The six children had a chance to stand up and tell the class why they should vote for them.

“I am sensible” said Isabelle.

“I am reliable” said Oliver.

“I am confident” said Teddy.

Everybody got a piece of ballot paper and wrote their choice on it in secret. Then Zara called the names out and Surya kept a tally on the board. It was close! In the end, Gisele and Jude received the most votes with four and six votes each.