Year 6’s Virtual Visit To Chester Zoo

“On Friday 5th February, Year 6 took a visit to Chester Zoo, to take part in their virtual open day. We saw the penguins, tigers and inside the aquarium through live keeper talks. We were fascinated by the facts that they told us about the different animals, especially when they told us they put golf balls in the nest of any penguin that didn’t lay an egg so that they would feel happy. We were also interested to know that all the animals had a name and that lots of them had come from other zoos to help the zoo’s conservation program. Everyone had the chance to become a keeper for the day through researching an animal of their choice and filming a keep talk of their own. It was fantastic to see so many different animals and find out all about their life and habitat. In maths, we took on the role of the vets working out the dosage each of the zoo’s lions needed of their annual vaccination from their weight. During our art class we took a trip to the chimpanzees. As it is children’s mental health week we were interested in how chimpanzees express their emotions through their facial expressions, we realised it was not to different from how humans did it. We created art work featuring chimpanzees showing their emotions. What a busy day we have had, just as exhausting as a real day out!”