Outdoor Maths!

This week we are taking maths outdoors. Today we were given the task to discover different angles in all shapes and forms hidden around our school. We had to find obtuse, reflex, acute and right angles. The children could not believe their eyes when they discovered all the concealed angles around them. They took pictures of the different angles and were challenged to estimate the size of the angle before accurately measuring it by applying their ICT skills. Well done Year 6. You have worked well as a team. What a wonderful way to learn and explore.

Today, we were given the task to work out the perimeter and area of different leaves around the school. After collecting a variety of leaves, we traced the leaves on to squared paper. To work out the area, we carefully counted the whole and halve squares inside the drawn image and added them together. For the perimeter, we used string and traced the outline of the leaf from beginning to end. We finally measured the length of the string to calculate the perimeter. Well done Year 6 for your hard work today.