World Animal Day and WWF

World Animal Day was a great success and the children enjoyed learning about how we can protect endangered animals and their habitats. Children studied different animals including leopards, orangutans, pangolins, tigers and sea turtles and went on to produce some striking pieces of artwork. Pupils were particularly excited about Oaklands School adopting an endangered animal and were delighted with the results of their house vote. With tiger populations declining around 95% since the beginning of the 20th century, we hope to support the World Wide Fund for Nature and adopt one of these magnificent animals.

As part of World Animal Day, 5Z looked at the physical and human geography of India. They looked at the impact of climate change and pollution, as well as the consequences of tiger poaching, the illegal wildlife trade and habitat loss. Each child produced an amazing piece of artwork with the silhouette of their wild animal set against a dramatic skyline. They used paint to blend the perfect colour tones to good effect.