House Cross Country Races

On a beautiful sunny Monday afternoon, the school field was marked out, freshly mown and ready for the annual Oaklands House Cross Country Races for Years 1-6. It was a fantastic atmosphere with music playing, children cheering and teachers dancing! The children took it in turns in their year groups to run as many laps as they could for the 200M course in order to move their house up the leaderboard. The boys and girls worked so hard and walked, jogged and ran very impressively all afternoon, and should be proud of their efforts.


The final results were;

1st – Willow: 213 laps

2nd – Holly: 193 laps

3rd – Sycamore: 192 laps

4th – Beech: 183 laps


Well done to Willow House who came first. They ran a total of 213 laps, which is equal to 22.6 miles. Holly House came in second with a total of 193 laps. Sycamore ran 192 laps and Beech ran 183 laps. Altogether the houses ran a total of  97.7 miles. All of the miles covered equaled the same distance as the journey to Birmingham Airport!  An amazing achievement, well done everyone!