3CO Assembly

3CO performed a brilliant assembly this morning, taking the rest of the school through the curriculum they have been learning.

They started with history, telling the other children about the Bronze Age, Stone Age and Neolithic periods. How houses were built, how people lived and other interesting facts from each early period in our historic timeline.

Lovely artwork was shown based around the eruption at Pompeii. Pupils produced works of art depicting the volcano in the style of well known artists including Andy Warhol.

Next the class performed a Maths section, with some entertaining songs to explain how they learnt their Times Tables and fractions. Keeping the other years focused throughout.

Finally, 3CO showed the school their recorder skills, playing a song that has aided in their musical development with the instrument this year.

Well done 3CO on a wonderful assembly! The whole class did a great job!

A big thank you to the children and their parents for supporting them with their learning