Oaklands Easter Egg Competition

Well done to everyone who took part in the competition – every single entry was…CRACKING!

Each winner received an Easter egg in last week’s assembly and the first place eggs will now be entered into the ISA competition.

See the winners from each class below.

Woodpeckers – 1st-Lilah 2nd- Hollie B. 3rd-Lalin

Robins – 1st- Theo 2nd- Penelope 3rd- Joshua

Owls – 1st-Eloise 2nd- Myra 3rd- Sophia

1C- 1st- Sophia 2nd- Charlotte 3rd- Blossom

1V- 1st- Anand 2nd- Dilroop 3rd- Amelia

2S- 1st- Lani 2nd- Ethan 3rd- Harper

2Z- 1st- Max 2nd- Rafael 3rd- Henry

3Ca- 1st- Jovan 2nd- Olivia 3rd- Presley

3Co- 1st- Satarj 2nd- Isla 3rd- Sienna

4C 1st- Thian 2nd- Jessica M. 3rd- Eddie

5Z- 1st- Siana 2nd- Kias 3rd- Archie

6G- 1st- Lucy 2nd- Alice 3rd- Alicia