Year 5 Taster Day at Brentwood School

At the end of May, Year 5 had the opportunity to go on a taster day at Brentwood School. Pupils were bowled over by the sheer size and ample facilities that the school had to offer, but what made the biggest impression on them all were the students that they met. They were so polite and helpful, even just walking around the school with their friends, they definitely set the bar high. After hearing lots of interesting information about the school from the Headmaster, pupils then got to take part in a Drama lesson, where they had great fun creating physical theatre with just their bodies! This was followed by a tricky but enjoyable Maths lesson where they used their problem solving skills to make number snakes, and then a Geography lesson where the children were enlightened about all of the different aspects of Geography that they could learn about at the school. A memorable highlight was definitely the lunch! There was a world of choices from the myriad of different cuisines at each counter. Everyone left feeling well and truly satisfied (and perhaps a few pounds heavier!).

It was a fantastic day that gave the Year 5 a taste of life in a secondary school, and definitely gave them food for thought when making their applications next year.