Anglo-Saxons Village DT Project

Pupils have been very busy in Year 6. The children constructed a Saxon village based on their History topic. They worked on this project over a period of four weeks. First they were given examples of different Saxon homes and then were given instructions to design their own home using specific materials such as cardboard, clay, straw and sticks.

When they were satisfied with their design, they had to construct their own Saxon home. The children worked very hard and were able to finish their project with some great results! The last stage was linked to assembling their own Anglo-Saxon Village by applying their knowledge gained in lessons and workshop and they had to justify why certain buildings such as “The Hall” and “The Church” were placed in strategic places.

The children also displayed their own animals made out of clay. This was a wonderful project and the other KS2 classes were invited to celebrate and appreciate this project with Year 6.