Year 4’s Activity Adventure

In September, pupils from Year 4 visited Harlow Outdoor Activity Centre for a fun packed day. The weather stayed fair and the children enjoyed the activities they took part in. There was archery where the pupils used all their might to pull the bow back to fire the arrows at the board. Some even managed to hit the bullseye!

The pupils then donned their buoyancy aids and paddles to try out canoeing with some very impressive steering from the group. The wind was very strong and the children had to work really hard to paddle against the current and navigate the moored boats and overhanging trees and brambles. 4C also had the hard task of wall climbing and used their grip strength to great effect to scale the wall and reach the top. They all showed very good teamwork in helping ensure the climbers were safe at all times.

As well as this, they can be very proud of their efforts and they have no doubt gained a sense of confidence, courage and determination in completing all the activities. Well done everyone!