Mini-Petting Zoo!

The children at Oaklands, were given the opportunity to interact with a variety of insects, birds and animals this week as part of Science Week. ‘Get To Know Animals’, is an indoor mini-petting zoo who provided our children with lots of 30 minute workshops.

During the workshop, experienced rangers introduced the children to a variety of animals and insects. Each child was given the opportunity to interact with the animals. The children were able to ask questions and the rangers explained all there is to know about the animals, their territories and food preferences. The children were especially excited to meet Ron the giant rabbit and Holly the miniature schnauzer.

At the end of each session, the children entertained Nigel the Cockatoo by singing “If you happy and you know it show your wings” … Some children were fortunate to see Nigel react to the song, happily showing off his wings and dancing to the beat.

All the children had a wonderful experience and some of them even showed bravery and courage when interacting with the variation of animals. Well done to all of you.