Race to Tokyo

Calling all pupils, parents and teachers! Have you all got what it takes to travel to Tokyo?

Are you ready for the ultimate challenge?

YES! You say. Ok, well, we will need to travel a long way (virtually of course) to get to Tokyo, so get your bikes ready! Get your walking boots on and double knot your running laces as we are going to achieve the impossible by the time the Summer term finishes on July 9th!

All you need to do is send an email to: apaine@oaklandsschool.co.uk once a week with the total miles covered (either by bike and/or on foot) and this will then be inputted it into our virtual milometer to get to Tokyo. Using smart phones and measuring your distance using apps such as strava, run tracker, garmin, endomondo and Nike run club are all good tools to see exactly what you’re doing. If you could also send me a photo/s of yourselves and your family, along with which type of cardio exercise you did, I am going to create a ‘Race to Tokyo’ photo montage which we could then put up in school!

Mr Paine