Wild Woods Club Big Bee Project

KS1 Wild Woods club have spent the last 3 weeks taking part in a big bee project!

Their first session involved learning all about the importance of bees through a pollination game, this involved taking on the role of a bee collecting nectar, transferring pollen and identifying wildflowers that we have on the school grounds. During the second session the children made wildflower cannon balls using mud, flour and seed; they also sowed wildflower seed in our new ‘Bee B&B’ area.

The following week the children decorated the area with bee and wildflower stones. They are very excited to seeing some wildflowers appear for the bees in the spring/summer next year! The children are also looking forward to playing some more bee related games with a hot chocolate on our last session before half term. The children have learnt that bees work extremely hard and are vital for pollinating crops (our food!).

Their next project is to create a fairy garden in the Wild Woods. Great work KS1!