Reception Learn All About The properties Of Ice Whilst Painting

As part of their topic on Changes, Reception have been exploring ice making. Owls knew to put pots of water into the freezer to turn them into pots of ice. There was much debate over how long they needed to be in the freezer for – 1 day, 3 days or 10 days were some of the suggestions. They discovered that one day was sufficient. When holding the pots of ice to see the changes, Owls realised that their warm hands were helping to melt the ice and return it to water. They knew that if the pots were returned to the freezer the water would refreeze.

Owls found their next activity very bizarre – trying to paint with cubes of frozen paint. They were amazed that the cubes made marks on the paper as if they were using a brush although someone commented that it looked like they had used a crayon. (The texture was thicker than with paint) As they ‘painted’ the colours began to mix – it was a lovely impromptu lesson on colour mixing.