Year 3 Create Beautiful Woven Patterns

Year 3 were amazed to discover that so much of the clothing we wear is woven, and not only that, the technique goes as far back as the Stone Age. The children marvelled at the designs of Kaffe Fassett, Nadine Spires, and Anneke Kersten, before designing their own patterns that they wove on circular looms. The looms themselves would usually be used for embroidery but they adapted beautifully to the children creating a warp (a series of spokes) through which the children were able to weave (weft) the woollen thread of their choice. The whole process was rather fiddly but once the children got used to the weft (weaving ‘up and over’ or ‘under and through’) they relished creating their designs and found the whole experience relaxing and very satisfying.