Exciting Visit From Poet Neal Zetter

We were privileged to host a special guest called Neal Zetter at Oaklands on Thursday, 12 May.

It was wonderful to meet Neal in person. He is a well-known comedy performance poet, who has written entertaining and uplifting poetry aimed at children as well as adults. The children were entertained in his class assembly where he performed a few of his poems. Neal also hosted a workshop, where he focused on different poetic features in his work followed by the children writing a class or their own poems. Some of the children were given the opportunity to perform their work to their class. The younger children were given the chance to ask Neal very good questions about his career and love for poetry.

Thank you to all our parents for your contributions. The children definitely enjoyed meeting Neal and went home buzzing. Last but not least, thank you to Neal for offering his time to remind us that poetry can be fun and entertaining.