Sports Round Up – September 2022

Our Games Captains George and Sienna were accompanied by our House Captains Henry, Georgia, Anastasia and Gabriella to meet with Mr Paine and discuss all thing Sport and PE at Oaklands. Various topics were raised and the minutes from the meetings will be displayed on our school council board soon. Thanks for your input team!

The pupils have been put through their paces at Indoor Athletics club, practicing the vertical jump, speed bounce, chest push, triple jump, long jump, and shuttle run. With lots of events on the horizon, they will be more than ready!!

Year 2 and 3 have been fine tuning their running, jumping and throwing skills whilst taking part in Indoor Athletics during PE lessons. They have practiced the speed bounce, vertical jump, target throw, long jump and shuttle run in recent weeks.

Girls from Years 4-6 have been having lots of fun during Girls Football Club in recent weeks. They took part in a ‘Urban Skills’ circuit doing lots of tricks to hone their skills. They have also learnt the positional play when playing matches.

Year 1 took part in a fun agility course, learning various skills whilst they smiled their way through the afternoon! They balanced, ran, skipped, kicked, threw and had a great time.

Years 5 and 6 have been joining forces with Braeside and Normanhurst at the Peter May Centre in Walthamstow for their Games lessons. It has been a great success with the pupils enjoying the opportunity to play with other schools whilst developing their football/netball skills. Our Games Captains Sienna and George have helped out with the warm-ups, putting the classes through their paces with some gruelling moves including  burpees and mountain climbers!