Upper Kindergarten Celebrate The Lunar New Year

To celebrate Chinese New Year, the children worked together to create a Chinese Dragon for the classroom. They used their fingers and sponges to paint the dragon’s face. Once dry, they added pompoms, streamers and colourful feathers. It looks fantastic!

They also enjoyed their role-play session where they were the hosts of a Chinese restaurant, serving food and drink and using chopsticks.


The children in Upper Kindergarten have really enjoyed learning about the Lunar New Year. They made their own Chinese Lanterns by carefully cutting along some lines and adding glue to make the paper 3D. Finally, they sprinkled on red and gold glitter and sequins.

To help with physical development the children used a thin paintbrush and black paint to trace over the word ‘Hello’ in Chinese.

Our pop-up Chinese restaurant was a huge success, with all the children participating in role play this week. They loved pretending to cook for their friends and ‘eating’ the delicious food.

Finally, the children were able to try some new foods during our ‘Chinese food tasting session’. The children tried noodles, rice, spring rolls and prawn crackers. Most of the children said it all tasted very yummy!