Year 3 Marvel At Magnificent Mosaics

Year 3 recently visited St. Albans Verulamium Museum to look at the exhibits in the gallery, attend a market workshop and marvel at the beautiful mosaic in the grounds. The day began with a visit to mosaic in the grounds of the park. It was hard to believe it was over two thousand years old as the colours were so vibrant. We saw first-hand how the hypocaust (heating system) would have worked. The tunnel where the fire would have been lit by servants was clearly visible, and it was easy to imagine the heat from this spreading under and across the floor. How unusual, then, that wealthy Romans enjoyed underfloor heating two thousand years before we did!

We also donned authentic costumes and handled everyday objects similar to those that would have been used by Romans all those years ago. We had a fantastic time and the site is definitely worth making a visit to if you are in the area.

Mr Crane