It is Cool to be Kind – A Year 1 Assembly

Parents and family were treated to a couple of lovely performances from Year 1 pupils last week. The children donned some impressive animal costumes and told the story of Anansi the Spider, the great drummer and music maker. The trouble with Anansi is that he and his family would eat all the food when he was invited to weddings, so when there was another wedding in the community, the other animals and families decided not to invite him!

After a music and drumming-filled performance, the animals learned that it was not kind to leave someone out, and that if they spoke to each other, they could arrange to share what they had.

The assembly showed the very important message –  that there is always a way to include others in our activities, and that it is cool to be kind to others. A huge well done to both Year 1 classes for learning all your lines, performing confidently, and getting the audience tapping their toes to the catchy music!

Year 1V

Year 1C