House Quidditch Games

Before half term, pupils from Years 1-6 were busy practising for the House Quidditch Cup. There were chasers, beaters and keepers all trying to score valuable points for their house!

The golden snitch runner had the task of escaping the grasp of the seekers, all culminating in a fun and enjoyable new house event the children loved. Unfortunately, the British weather scuppered our plans to play the real version, what with broomsticks potentially flying away in the heavy wind! We did however manage to pack the pupils into the hall and they had a fab time with Professor Dumbledore, Professor Hooch and all the Hogwarts teachers overseeing the games!

There was dragon egg races, broomstick races, potion commotion, and their favourite; bludger battle!

Final results were:

  • 1st – Willow: 1295
  • 2nd – Beech: 1255
  • 3rd – Holly: 1135
  • 4th – Sycamore: 1120