Year 4 Trip to the Globe Theatre

Year 4 recently had the exciting opportunity to visit the Globe Theatre on London’s South Bank, as part of their Topic – The Tudors.

The children were only too keen to reduce their carbon footprint by travelling on the underground! Arriving at the Globe, they learnt all about the history of the theatre, and even got the chance to stand on the famous stage. They learnt that the theatre we see today is a recreation of one that was first built in 1599 to entertain an audience of four thousand people.

Originally, no actresses performed at The Globe Theatre, or indeed at any other theatre. All of the female roles were performed by young boys. Thankfully, times have changed and we can now play any role we choose. As well as touring the theatre, Year 4 learnt new and exciting skills in a drama workshop and had fun identifying London landmarks as they walked across the Millennium Bridge.