Reception Visit St Alban’s Cathedral

Reception children had a wonderful trip to St Alban’s Cathedral.

The children were very excited to travel in a double decker coach to St Albans to start their busy day. Once there, they took a tour of the cathedral to look at the beautiful stained glass windows and learn about some of the stories they were showing.

The children then made their own stained glass window and used a light box to show them at their best.  The children then took another tour to look at shapes in the cathedral environment.  They spotted 2D shapes on the ceilings and walls and especially on the elaborate tiled floors. They then made a crayon rubbing of different tiles.

The children had another workshop where they used non standard measurements using their arm spans, feet and hands to measure pillars and floor slabs.  Then they used a balloon and thread to measure the height of the cathedral ceiling and had a go using a measuring wheel. Lastly, the packed lunch was a highlight of a fantastic day out, of course!